4 Tips For Passing The California Bar Exam

With each passing year, the Bar is getting tougher and tougher in almost every state. This is even truer for the California Bar Exam Essays. Yes, California has always had the lowest pass rate in the US, but in recent years the addition of new topics and revision of others had it even more so. In this post, there are some tips and tricks to crack the California Bar Exam instead of losing heart and thinking of another jurisdiction. We start with some generic advice that can be put to use for a Bar exam of any state, and then we move on the California specific tips. Use the help judicially, and the bar would be simple to pass.

• Most exam takers believe they have a lot of time to study. This is an illusion. There is never enough time. For most this ends in cram sessions that start about six or so weeks before the exam date. It is a recipe for failure. The only way to crack the Bar is to start studying as early as possible. The recommended time is about four to six months before the exam. These six months should have about twenty to twenty-five hours of studying per week. Do not wait before you begin your coursework because the test included both generic and specific topics. One needs time to master both fields especially when it comes to California State. Binge studying is not the key.

• Another trick to passing the bar in any state is to switch your pen for your laptop. Surveys have shown the exam takers who prefer to handwrite their essays are slower than digital writers. Individuals who use a computer can type almost five hundred words per hour more than those who use a pen. Further, a laptop gives the exam taker the option to restructure the essay at any point in time. This results in better thought out answers. The flexibility and the typing speed both combine to give you a significant advantage over others.

• Now when it comes to California Bar test what people tend to ignore is the Performance Test. Two exams test your capability to use the law in legal tasks that apply to the real world. For example, penning down a memorandum. The tests are for three hours each. The two tips here are to answer the test in a way that proves you are aware of the target audience. This includes the matter and the tone it is written in. The second tip is to practice as much as possible.

• The second trick to passing the California Bar exam is to be prepared for the unknown. The jurisdiction is known to add new subjects at any point. When the MBE added federal jurisdiction and civil procedure to the test, California switched professional responsibility, evidence and civil procedure to more state-specific topics. This meant that the exam taker has to be aware of both multistate and California law.

Follow these four tips, and you are sure to pass the bar exam with flying colors.